Pediatric Sleep Training and Coaching Program

Over the years, Lullaby Sleep Training has developed an approach which combines my experience, knowledge and proven techniques to pilot parents through countless sleep issues, ensuring their success. Every child is unique, and every family is unique. I know that “one size does not fit all”, so I always consider each family’s distinctive needs and parenting philosophies. By following my three-step approach we successfully resolve the sleep challenges! The Lullaby Sleep Training and Coaching program is designed to help parents and babies anywhere in the world — using Skype, telephone and email, I provide optimal results over long distance.

Jump-Start Consultation

Want to jump-start your very young baby’s good sleep habits?

If you’d like to get your wee one off to a good start on sleeping through the night, there are things you can do even before that magical age of 4½ months! Book a coaching/consulting session for early sleep habits and learn what you can do now to prevent the need for sleep training down the road. Babies who get this good start can ease right into sleeping through the night without much fuss and to-do about it!

The Jump-Start Consultation is $150 and includes a two-hour telephone or Skype consultation of baby sleep education, and how-to instructions that are emailed to you. Also included are two follow-up emails to answer any questions after the consultation. Contact me today for details or go directly to the sign-up page to book these two visits.

  1. Lullaby Sleep Training begins with a comprehensive analysis of your baby or toddler’s sleep habits (or non-sleep habits, maybe). This includes evaluating the sleep environment and daily habits that promote (or don’t promote) good night-time sleep. This helps me understand what is preventing your child from going to bed cheerfully and happily for a night of restful sleep. I evaluate your child’s characteristics and sleep history as well. I work with you to figure out what your child’s specific challenges are, because you know a lot more about your child than I do, and much more than you think you do. We develop a partnership using your input and my experience to develop the unique program for your family. I help parents set good sleep goals for the child — goals that are realistic and appropriate and thus achievable.
  2. Next, I use that information to develop a customized program for helping your child learn appropriate sleep habits that will result in healthy sleep for the child as well as for the rest of the family. This plan outlines a clear, step-by-step approach that you the parents, and I the coach, can follow together to create beneficial sleep habits right away. It is a two-part program: the remediation plan to get your child to a good starting point and the implementation plan to get him or her from there to the goal. Keep in mind that I do not promote a cry-it-out (CIO) method but do expect there will be some protest from children who do not want things to be different. Your comfort level with protest shapes the implementation plan.
  3. Together we will achieve program implementation, guiding the child and coaching the parents on the program I have developed so that agreed-upon goals are achieved. Together in a compassionate, nurturing environment for both parents and child, you implement the plan that we have developed together.

The program can take anywhere from one week to several weeks, depending on your child and your level of commitment. The average time period is two to four weeks. I am available for support and follow-up by phone or email during this time based on the coaching plan you choose.

I work with babies and toddlers from 4½ months old through 30 months old and sometimes a little older, depending on the situation. Contact me to discuss your particular needs.


The Lullaby Sleep Training and Coaching program offers three different coaching plans (non-refundable and pre-paid). The fee covers the assessment, customized plan, phone or Skype consultation to learn the plan and implementation process, and the development of customized teaching materials as needed for older children. It also includes personal coaching during and after implementation of the plan I customize for your child or children. Nap training can be included for an additional fee but must be combined with a nighttime program.  All this can be done from your location. Please see the Sleep Training and Coaching Plan Prices page for full information.

Note: Before making any changes to your child’s routine and sleep process, be sure to consult with your pediatrician to rule out any medical or developmental concern. The Lullaby Sleep Training program is designed for babies and toddlers aged 4½ months through 30 months. I work with families who have one baby, two or three babies, or a baby and older sibling.

It’s worth the effort.

How soon would you like to have a long, peaceful night of uninterrupted sleep?

How soon would you like to have a long, peaceful night of uninterrupted sleep?

Change requires effort, and effort requires energy. When you are exhausted from night after night of sleep deprivation, frustration, and uncertainty about how to resolve your problems, it seems easier to keep things as they are than try something different. However, nothing changes and you’re in the same place three weeks later. This is probably why you are thinking of having a sleep training coach help you. It’s so much easier when there is a knowledgeable guide there for you to lean on in the middle of this arduous journey.

Over the years, I’ve learned that I can’t be there in your house and implement a sleep plan for you, which is why doing it remotely is more effective. Children respond differently to their parents than to me, and as you follow the plan and interact with your child, both of you learn new ways to handle going to bed, going to sleep, staying asleep, and getting up refreshed. Your child needs you to help him or her to learn. You are the parents, and I am your coach: you have access to me by email, phone, Skype, or text. This is what has made it possible for all my clients to be successful teaching their child to sleep all night.

“For the whole first year of her life, during which my daughter suffered from severe gastrointestinal reflux, we did what we had to do, which was co-sleeping and all-night nursing. She was held in our arms or in a carrier for every single nap. After she was a year old, we knew that everyone needed a new sleep routine, but we had no idea where to begin, what strategy to implement, or how to do it without trauma and tears. We were hesitant to trust our delicate daughter to a sleep consultant, but her reputation preceded her — she was recommended by both our pediatrician and a friend who had successfully worked with her. Since the very first phone call, Marcia was engaged, professional, friendly, non-judgmental, and honest. She took time to really get to know our daughter’s personality and needs, and she took equal time to assess our parenting style and our readiness to make changes. She developed a very detailed, personal plan for our family, though she made it clear that adjustments could and likely would be made along the way. She was extremely accessible, day and night. Reflecting back on those days, I now realize that what Marcia did was empower us. She gave us tips and tools, and coached us through it. In the end, it was a shockingly easy process if only because it was so well planned and executed. Step by incremental step. So few tears were shed (by both me and my daughter) that I think I cry more laughing about it in retrospect. My daughter now loves her crib and happily snuggles into it at naptime and bedtime!
Marcia did her job, but what she really did was give us gifts. The gifts of confidence, of a fresh start, of better days (and nights) ahead. When our family could finally sleep — really, deeply sleep — everything else fell into place. Marcia’s services were worth every penny. And if she could help our family, I know she could help yours.” —Tania

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