Baby Sleep Training

Coaching parents and babies to sleep all night, every night!

sleeping-childHas another night without sleep got you searching for a solution to frenzied bedtimes and no-sleep nights? It’s time to consider baby sleep training and baby sleep coaching with a pediatric sleep coach. The Lullaby Sleep Program specializes in helping babies and toddlers quickly achieve good sleep habits so the entire family can sleep peacefully — all night, every night!

The Lullaby Sleep Program synthesizes the best of many sleep training methods because I’ve learned that just one method doesn’t fit all babies and families. I consider physical, neurological, temperamental and family needs, combined with psychological, biological and behavioral processes, to establish healthy sleep habits and have babies sleep all night.

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Many sleep books offer some amount of useful information, but for babies having a difficult time learning to sleep well, no one book — or even two — seems to be enough. Babies have not read those books and don’t usually follow the outline. By synthesizing the approaches of many different sleep practitioners, incorporating knowledge about natural sleep cycles and rhythms of babies and toddlers, and integrating behavioral management techniques, I have developed a customized approach to creating healthy sleep habits — solving sleep challenges, helping babies and toddlers learn to go to sleep cheerfully and happily, to sleep all night
and to wake refreshed and ready for each new day. Needless to say, their families are much more rested too. The dread of nightfall and the stress of struggling is over
for these parents.

crying in the crib

Tired, cranky, and crying…

By offering a customized program based on your child’s specific needs I can help break bad old habits and create wonderful new ones without abandoning the child or, at the other extreme, allowing the child do whatever it takes to get to sleep and stay asleep regardless of the cost to the parents.

Nobody likes change, least of all babies and toddlers, and some “protest crying” is inevitable. But protest from a baby or toddler who is mature enough and properly prepared to do sleep training is much different from the panicky crying of abandonment. I will work with you to achieve results within your comfort level based on your time and commitment. Understanding that is the heart of my program.

“The most helpful thing was having an objective, expert party devising the sleep plan with me and implementing it for the first few days. It took a lot of the guesswork and second guessing and guilt out of the equation.” —Amanda
sleeping in the crib

…or quiet, restful sleep.

I work with babies who are least 4½ months old (adjusted if preemie) to 3 years old. Babies younger than 4½ months are not ready to sleep through the night, but I do have a Jump-Start Consultation to begin establishing good sleep habits.

If you have tried everything and are exhausted and at your wits’ end, call today for more information and a free 15-minute consultation. I would like to explore your issues and help you decide if the Lullaby Sleep Program is the answer you’re looking for. Every family is unique and perhaps my unique approach will help you get some sleep.