Baby Care Nurse

Baby Care Nurse

Marcia Thuermer offers diverse resources to help parents and caregivers meet the challenges of breastfeeding and parenting.

Breastfeeding Consultations

Breastfeeding Basics and Beyond

Personal in-home consultation covers what to do prior to birth and during the critical first few hours after birth, best hospital breastfeeding practices, and the breastfeeding basics, tips, and techniques that will help ensure successful breastfeeding and a healthy satisfied baby. You’ll learn how to minimize or even prevent the painful engorgement when “the milk comes in” and how to help your baby continue to latch well during that time so breastfeeding is not interrupted and nipples are not damaged. We’ll discuss how to be sure your baby is getting enough milk and what to do if breasts are slow to fill up. Pumping tips and techniques and milk storage will be discussed. This consultation, in your home prior to your due date, is designed to help you know what to do if all goes well and what to do if it’s a rocky start. ($50 per hour)

“Marcia’s most valuable aspect in regards to support was her attention and responsiveness to a new mother’s level of stress and anxiety, her reassuring manner, and ability to educate and guide gently without injuring a mother’s fragile confidence.” —Barbara

Breastfeeding Good Start

Personalized in-home breastfeeding support during the critical first days when milk is “coming in” and latch is being perfected. This support service focuses on dealing with painful engorgement and getting the baby’s latch well established, as well as assessment of any potential issues that need immediate intervention. (Good Start Package: $130)

Breastfeeding 911

Personalized in-home support for breastfeeding problems to address latch and suckling difficulties, low weight gain, breast and nipple issues, milk supply challenges, and any other problems that require professional attention and intervention. Includes assessment and evaluation of mother and infant feeding and difficulties, followed by a customized plan of care to meet the needs of the mother and infant. (2 hours initial visit, follow-up visits as needed, $130 per visit)

New Baby Consultations

Managing Multiples

Marcia Thuermer and triplets

Twins and triplets bring their own unique joy into a family, along with unique needs.

Twins and triplets bring their own unique joy into a family, along with unique needs. Some are born early and finally come home at 34 weeks, some actually make it to your 39 weeks goal! When you welcome multiples, you face an accelerated and steep learning curve. Before your babies are born or soon after, I will bring my many years of experience and expertise to you to bring order out of the chaos that will soon be your home. This consultation covers such topics as what equipment you really need (or don’t need… let’s minimize the gear!); how to organize your space; how to successfully breastfeed multiples, for days or weeks or beyond; how to manage the challenges of breastfeeding and ensure an adequate milk supply; all about pumping, bottle-feeding and supplementing if necessary; how to maximize your sleep opportunities; how and when to get your babies on a routine, and educating you about their sleep cycles. Basically, I will share coping skills and techniques and prepare you to care for multiples! ($50 per hour)

Handling the High-Needs Baby

Dr. Sears coined this descriptive phrase after he and his wife experienced the challenge of having just such a baby. It has expanded to describe babies who, for whatever reason, are extra challenging. If you have a baby who is difficult to console, unusually fussy, refuses to feed, won’t sleep, maybe has reflux, or has medical problems, your exhaustion is endless and you may be out of ideas about what to do or where to turn for help. My experience over the years has taught me how to work with these babies. Obviously there are no quick fixes but I can definitely help you during this time. I offer understanding about how to better read your baby’s cues so his fussiness doesn’t escalate so quickly, techniques for soothing and calming, suggestions for babies with acid reflux or colic, help with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, coping skills for mom, and education about your baby’s sleep cycles during the day and at night. There are many resources for extra support during this time, and I can help you find the help you need. ($50 per hour)

Sleep Sleep Sleep

For parents of babies younger than 4 1/2  months old, this sleep training jump-start consultation offers guidance on sleep education and coaching and will help you begin establishing good sleep habits. For infants from 8 weeks (adjusted if preemie) to 18 weeks, this is a very gentle approach to helping infants learn good sleep habits so when they get older they won’t need sleep training. This also helps parents understand what their babies are capable of, and when to make changes in their routine. ($150 for a 2-hour phone or Skype consultation and 2 follow-up emails to answer questions after the consultation. If you are local this can be an in-home visit instead.)

For sleep training babies and children from 4 1/2  months to 30 months, visit the Lullaby Sleep Training and Coaching section.

New Mom and Baby Care

I have many years of experience and many credentials (lots of letters to go after my name!) so I have various hats I wear to provide you with all the care you might need as you welcome your new baby (or babies) into your family.

“Marcia has a very unique way of easing you into motherhood and I cannot imagine where I would be without her guidance and help. She has been like a mother to me throughout this new and exciting process. I never could have imagined learning as much as I did. She taught me techniques and strategies to help me with my daughter. I know in my heart that it is because of Marcia’s help that I am able to be the best mother I can be!” —Rachel
  • As a certified postpartum doula I am available for daytime in-home care for mom and baby during the first 12 weeks after the birth when mom is home on maternity leave. A postpartum doula provides services such as breastfeeding support or bottle-feeding guidelines, hands-on baby care and education, mother-care for a speedy recovery, emotional support and coping skills, household organization, simple meal preparation and much more. I have a 4-hour minimum and charge $28 per hour.
  • As a newborn care specialist (aka baby nurse or night nurse) I am available for overnight care anytime during the first 5 months after the birth of your baby. I provide loving care for your newborn at night so you can rest and recover. I have an 8-hour minimum and charge $30. per hour.
  • As an infant sleep consultant and coach I provide sleep education and training for children 4 1/2 months through 30 months. Visit the Lullaby Sleep Training and Coaching section for more information and rates.
  • If you are in need of a lactation consultant or baby consultant to help with specific problems, please see my packages and prices listed above.

My passion is helping new parents during the early weeks and months after the birth. I’m an experienced caregiver and have worked personally with over 1000 babies, helping families get off to a great start. I have extensive experience with multiples and preemies. References are available upon request. I am CPR certified, have proof of all immunizations required by healthcare workers who care for infants, carry liability insurance and can provide you with a background check.