Bed Sharing with your Baby

bed sharing

bed sharing

Bed sharing or co-sleeping has been a controversial subject for many years.  As new research comes out we learn more about this subject and it is up to parents to make their own decisions about safe sleep practices with their baby and what is right for them.

James McKenna PhD. supports bed-sharing if done correctly. He has many articles about the benefits of bed sharing and how to do it safely.   Babies are not fully developed at birth and they need to be fed every few hours.  Being close to their mother helps them regulate some of their physiological systems in addition to providing them with warmth, comfort and food.  This has been apparent throughout evolutionary history and human babies are biologically designed to sleep with or near their mothers.

Over time and history our world has evolved and our culture and habits have changed allowing us a different lifestyle.  This has affected the way babies sleep and what parents think is normal for infant sleep.  However, babies have not changed and still need to be close to their mothers.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is against bed-sharing due to a belief of an increased risk of SIDS.

They do recommend babies sleeping in the same room as the parents to help with some of the biological needs of infants so parents are able to wake and attend to them.

So what can a parent do?   I support “safe sleep surfaces with safe sleep practices”.  It doesn’t matter the location as long as it is safe and the risks are removed.

Go to this website to find out more about safe co-sleeping guidelines.

I hope you will do your own research on the subject and practice and implement what is safe and beneficial for you and your family.

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