Become a DONA International Doula

DONA International Doula

This month of May is International Doula Month and I would like to let everyone know why you should become a DONA International Doula.  DONA International is often referred to as the “premier” doula training and certifying organization in the world.  DONA is not only the largest organization but also the oldest.  It was created in 1992 by internationally renowned maternal- infant advocates and professionals.  They have set the bar for high standards in the scope of practice, evidence based training and certification.

This non-profit organization is international and has certified more than 12,000 birth and postpartum doula in over 50 countries.  When you certify with DONA you are certified globally making your credentials more recognized and respected.  This is due to DONA’s International marketing presence and referral system.  This organization is sustainable as any funds made are invested in serving its members and mission of the organization.  Many positions are volunteer members appointed by Board of Director or voted in by the members.  There is no need to worry about this organization disappearing as it is set up to be in existence “in perpetuity”.

There are so many benefits to becoming a member and you can do so even before you are certified if you wish.  By being a member you can stay current on major events and practices in the doula profession and perinatal field.  All members receive a quarterly magazine called “International Doula”.  It has articles for the birth and postpartum doula on support, practices and the profession in general.  They also receive a quarterly e-newsletter called “e-doula” that informs members on what is going on inside DONA and other matters pertaining to doula work.  You will have access to the DONA Doula Chronicles blog which provides great resources and inspiration.  Join their member Facebook group, get discounts on conferences, webinars and liability insurance, this also come with membership.  Once you are certified you can be listed in their online referral directory and be seen by potential clients in your local area or all over the world.

I can’t think of any reasons why you would not want to become a certified DONA International doula.  I have been a certified Dona doula for over 14 years and seen many organizations come and go.  I know I can trust DONA to be there and support me.  My clients acknowledge and recognize my credentials and I believe I make more money because of it.  Check out their website to find out how you can become a DONA International Doula. .  Also go to my website at to find out where my next postpartum doula training workshops will be held.

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