Archive | August, 2017

Infant Vision What Will Baby See?

  We all know newborns prefer to see faces.  Who wouldn’t, they are much more engaging then objects.  However, how does infant vision work and what are the focusing ability of babies?  What will baby see? The ciliary muscles of the eyes contract so an image is projected onto the retina. These muscles are responsible [...]
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What is Positional Plagiocephaly?

Positional plagiocephaly is the medical term for flat-head syndrome in babies.  It sometimes occurs in young babies during the early months of life due to excess pressure on the bones of a baby’s skull.  This can happen in the womb with crowding from multiple births or after birth due to lying in the same positions [...]
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Babywearing Today

Babywearing has been around for hundreds of years.  It was especially important for nomadic tribes who moved from place to place gathering food.  Wraps made of animal skins were used to carry their children long ago and then when weaving cloth came about that was used to carry their young babies and children.  The types [...]
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