Archive | February, 2017

Keeping a good milk supply after returning to work

Keeping a good milk supply after returning to work can be challenging.  Mother’s with long term breastfeeding goals are very vulnerable the first few weeks at work. They need time to adjust to being away from their baby and how to manage their milk supply when time is limited and responsibilities are abundant. During this [...]
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Storing and Handling Breastmilk Part 2

When nursing, it is easy, no worries about is the milk fresh, does it need to be warmed or what to do if she doesn’t finish the bottle.  When parents begin giving a bottle of expressed breastmilk many questions arise that they had never thought about before.  Part two of this blog is about safely [...]
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Storing Breastmilk Part 1

There will come a time when you need to give your baby an occasional bottle or you have to go back to work.  When this happens and you start pumping your milk for future use there are some good strategies to follow for safely storing breastmilk which is part one of this blog. First you [...]
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