Archive | May, 2016

Self-Soothing tips for babies

All babies have some capabilities to self-soothe but it is not deliberate until they are older.  It is a process and something that doesn’t happen overnight and it can take some babies longer than others depending on their temperament and personality. A baby is not neurologically or developmentally ready to sleep through the night (10 [...]
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Understanding Baby Sleep Cycles

One of the best ways of understanding baby sleep cycles is by being cognizant of how it works..  When I became aware of these cycles it was a game changer.  I now had some good tools to help parents understand what their baby needed and make it possible for babies to go to sleep more [...]
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Baby Sleep and Wake States

As a professional sleep coach, doula, caregiver or parent it is important to understand what state of consciousness your baby is in so you can understand their needs and behavior.  A state is a group of characteristic behaviors and physiologic changes that recur together in a regular pattern (Brazelton & Nugent, 1996; Wolff, 1966). Each [...]
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