Daylight Savings Time Ends

Surviving Daylight Savings Time

On Sunday November 6 daylight savings time ends.  That means we set our clocks back one hour allowing us more light in the mornings.  It is not a big deal to most people unless you have young children and babies at home.  The result of this time change usually causes our children to wake up earlier as their bodies need time to adjust and they don’t know how to tell time.

So what can families do to make this transition from daylight savings time back to regular time smooth so Mom and Dad are not up at 5 am with their little ones missing out on that extra hour of sleep.   I recommend adjusting their biological clock slowly over a period of six days prior to the time change.

To do this adjust your child’s bedtime later every night by 10 minutes for 6 days and wake up time later by 10 minutes.  So if your child’s bedtime is 7pm and wake up 6am do the following.

Monday Oct. 31 put your child to bed at 7:10pm and wake up time at 6:10am.

Tues.  Nov. 1  7:20pm/6:20am

Wed. Nov. 2    7:30pm/6:30am

Thur. Nov. 3    7:40pm/6:40am

Fri. Nov. 4      7:50pm/6/50am

Sat. Nov. 5     8:00pm   Set clock back one hour tonight   Go back to regular wake up time of 6am

Sun. Nov. 6  Regular bedtime of 7pm on Sunday and regular wake time of 6am.

Remember you will also have to adjust nap times by 10 minutes and maybe some meal times if needed.  If this is too tedious for you and your child to adjust easily, do it in 15 minute increments instead of 10 minutes so only 4 days instead of 6 days.

Your second option to handling daylight savings time  is to do nothing and see if he can make it to his regular bedtime and if not get him to bed earlier for a few days till he makes the adjustment.

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